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Apologia Science Curriculum

One of my favorite subjects to teach is science. I love teaching (and learning) about how and why things work the way they do. And as a mother of 2 boys, we love hands-on experiments and activities. Of course, there does need to be a balance. It can’t be all “what happens when you drop a mentos in a bottle of soda?” days. So, in our quest to find an interesting, yet informative science curriculum that also teaches from a Biblical worldview, we finally came upon Apologia. We began with the “Young Explorer Series” of books, which are written by the wonderful Jeannie Fulbright. Her series of books covers Astronomy, Anatomy, Botany, and Zoology 1, 2, and 3.

We began with the book on Astronomy, which was full of interesting facts about our solar system, the individual planets and their moons, space travel, all from a Creationist viewpoint. This book has beautiful pictures and a conversational writing style that keep kids interested and engaged. The best addition to these textbooks are the notebooking journals. If you have younger kids, they even have junior notebooking journals, so that all your kids can study the same subject at the same time. Full of note-taking pages, small crafts, crossword puzzles, and more, this is a wonderful way for kids to reinforce what they are learning. By the end of our journey through Astronomy, my kids had some beautiful notebooks full of their notes, drawings, and activities that they can look back on for years to come.

My kids have now moved on to the Zoology series, and are loving that as well. Their retention with this curriculum is higher than that of any other that we have used. I credit that to the non-intimidating writing style, as well as the wonderful journals.

In addition to the Young Explorer Series, which is meant mainly for elementary ages, there are the upper level science courses for junior and senior high students. These subjects include: General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Marine Biology, Advanced Biology – The Human Body, Advanced Chemistry and Advanced Physics. My older son will be starting General Science in the fall, so I can’t give a good review of the higher levels as yet, but if they are anything like the elementary level courses, we are sure to have a blast! My kids finally enjoy science as much as I do, and never dread me pulling out one of these fantastic books. 🙂

Apologia Curriculum Website

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