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The week that wasn’t… but was

This week was just “one of THOSE weeks”. It seemed like we were always running just a little behind. Assignments took too long to complete. We couldn’t seem to accomplish all that we wanted to do in a day. Stress levels were high. Drama was abundant. If the success of our homeschool was measured purely by the efficiency and productivity of assignment completion, we’re in trouble this week!

But, this week was full of accomplishment in so many other ways. My kids and I spent much quality time together. We continue to form closer bonds with our church family. We enjoy our church services more and more each time, as we feel God’s Holy Spirit moving not only during service, but in our daily walk as well. We can see how, even though there has been tragedy and hardship in our family, we are constantly aware of, and amazed by, the way the Lord is moving in our lives. My children desire to deepen their knowledge of the Bible, and strengthen their personal relationships with God.

So while on one hand, we as homeschoolers may be tempted to think of our weeks as “unsuccessful” when we don’t get to check off our entire to-do lists, we need to keep our focus on the most important things, and keep in perspective those things that truly determine success. Yes, we have assignments, activities, and responsibilities. But, as parents and homeschoolers, our job goes beyond that. It is about instilling in our children a love and passion for serving the Lord. It is about producing spiritual fruit in ourselves and our children, so that they can also further the Kingdom of God. If we are working to that goal, then we are indeed accomplishing much. In that light, we see that a week that might initially seem unsuccessful, by our own standards, really is successful, after all, in the eyes of God. And THAT kind of week is the best kind of all.

Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


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