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Weekend Recap (a bit late)

This past weekend, I was a bit under the weather, so not much was accomplished, really. But sometimes quiet weekends are a good thing. So, I’ll just use this opportunity to introduce my fur babies aka the spoiled rottenest dogs ever. This is Coco, our rescue dog. She is a lab mix and is almost 3 years old. Sweet, but sometimes hyper, and, unfortunately, a runner.Image

And next is Misty, our lab / husky mix. She is almost a year old. We fell in love with her the moment we saw here different colored eyes. This one is too loyal… or is that too lazy… to run. 🙂Image

Anyway, as I said, I was just too sick to do much over the weekend. That stomach bug is vicious! So, my husband was kind enough to make “man time” with the boys while I was under the ick. He grilled out so that I didn’t have to cook (bless his heart)


And then the boys had their usual storytime. Now, if you have kids that have trouble with motivation to read, please try my husband’s simple trick, especially for boys. They gather together in one of the kids’ rooms, dogs and all piled onto the bed. They then take turns reading the evening’s book choice. When one person messes up, the others then get to pounce on them, either tickling them, giving them noogies, etc. This sounds a little mean, but trust me, the kids will be all on board when they discover that Dad is usually the one who ends up tortured most. The books chosen most often in our house are Dr. Seuss books, simply because they are easier to tie your tongue. 😛 Who says reading isn’t fun?

IMG_2635 IMG_2637


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