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Spelling Curriculum

Spelling comes naturally to me. So, I suppose I assumed that spelling would come naturally to my kids as well. While this proved true with one of my children, my older math whiz of a son struggles a bit. It’s not that he can’t learn spelling rules. I think it’s a matter of a lack of interest more than anything. He would much rather draw, create, or even crunch numbers.

So begins our search for spelling curriculum… AGAIN. We have tried a couple of workbook-type curricula, which were okay… kinda. And then we heard all the hype about All About Spelling. According to reviews, it seemed like an answer to prayer… until we actually got it. By the time the boys and I got everything out, went over the basics, and started to actually do a lesson, we were all on sensory overload! But, we plugged forward, thinking it would get better. My youngest, in particular, has some sensory processing issues, and he was increasingly frustrated by the need for “so much stuff just to do spelling”. Too many cards, too many bits and pieces. Moving on.

So, at this point, we have a couple of options. I can take a traditional approach, with yet another workbook full of lists to memorize, drill, and test. Or, I can go with more of a Charlotte Mason style approach, with lots of copywork, dictation, and, of course, reading. At this point, I am tending to lean toward the latter.

Any advice from anyone out there in blogland? Recommendations? Sympathies?


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