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Carolina Raptor Center Field Trip

Friday was Homeschool Day at the Carolina Raptor Center. So the night before our scheduled field trip, I get an idea that we need some sort of booklet for the boys to fill out while discovering the various birds. After scouring the net for a while (okay, a LONG time) I just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So, around 1am, here I was, at my computer, creating new notebooking pages for the boys’ booklets. And then, I heard the rain. The Raptor Center is basically completely outdoors, so I was afraid we would have to cancel our trip. I plugged away, finishing the guides by about 3am, then collapsing into bed. And it was still raining.


My worksheets, full-page form and booklet sized.

The next morning was ugly, but the rain had stopped, so after debating just a bit, we decided to head out on our adventure. After an hour drive, a stop for nourishment and restrooms, we arrived at the Raptor Center.


The staff was extremely helpful and kind. And at $14 for all 3 of us to get in, it was an awesome deal. The rain (and did I mention the cold? It was in the 30s.) kept most people at home, I’m sure. But there were a handful of people who showed up during the time we were there. And, let’s face it, sometimes a smaller crowd is better anyway.

We found out that the Raptor Center is really a rescue facility. Those animals that are injured and can be rehabilitated are then re-released into the wild. Those whose injuries are too severe to return to the wild continue to be well cared for at the Center for their remaining years. It was amazing to hear some of the rescue stories about the more severely injured birds, many of which still bear the scars of their ordeals.


There was a live bird presentation given by a very knowledgeable and kind young lady, whose name completely escapes me. Anyway, we got to see a couple of raptors up close, which fascinated all of us. One of them was this grumpy old man here:



We then ventured out onto the trails to check out the remaining various birds of prey. The boys found all sorts of interesting tidbits to write in their booklets. We all learned new things, and enjoyed doing so. Mission accomplished. 🙂

Unfortunately, we did have to head out earlier than we would have liked, since that pesky rain returned and was relentless.  But the boys and I have agreed that we definitely want to come back soon. As a matter of fact, we’ve decided to talk Big Daddy into getting a family membership so we can return again and again. All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this place. Probably our favorite field trip location yet!

A few more residents of the Raptor Center…



IMG_2779 IMG_2783

IMG_2786 IMG_2785

IMG_2738 IMG_2713

IMG_2686 IMG_2715


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