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Lilla Rose

Back in the middle of February, I won a Lilla Rose flexi clip from a giveaway at , offered by consultant Jennifer Miller. The clip style is called “spring bouquet”:


Let me just say that if you have long hair, you NEED one (or more) of these! It’s the best of 2 worlds… a hair stick and a barrette in one. These are also very lightweight and comfortable. And, as the name “flexi” suggests, the clip flexes to fit around various hair styles.  Another awesome feature is that these can be worn in damp hair, which is great for me since I shower in the morning and have absolutely zero patience when it comes to waiting for my hair to dry, and I refuse to use heat on my hair. Soooo, simple solution: damp bunning! 🙂


I have very fine hair, but it is approx. tailbone length. The clip here is a medium and can still hold a center-held bun, but I would definitely need a large to go across an entire typical bun.

So, in short, run, don’t walk, over to Lilla Rose and order some of these fabulous clips! Here is Jennifer’s direct link: Lilla Rose


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