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Whew! Now that TWO rounds of sickness have finally left the household, I am able to post again. Yay!

I have to talk about Wondermaps, by Bright Ideas Press. I was actually fortunate enough to win a copy of it in a giveaway last year. Let me tell you, though, even if I had not won it, I would DEFINITELY find this invaluable in our homeschool. Not only does it go right along with our Mystery of History curriculum (LOVE MoH!!), but we can use it in many of our other subjects as well. For example, it is absolutely perfect in doing the “Map It’ sections at the end of the Apologia Zoology lessons!

But what is Wondermaps exactly? It’s a series of printable, customizable maps, in PDF form. They’re organized into time periods, making finding the right map easy. It also has basic maps of continents and countries, making it adaptable to other curricula. The best part of Wondermaps, though, is that the maps are in layers, and you can choose which layers you would like to view on the map. These layers may include a color overlay, labels of cities, bodies of water, and topography, regional borders, map key, etc. What does this mean? You can create and print a map to your own specifications. For instance, if you would like to include regional borders, but have your children write in the names of the regions for their map studies, Wondermaps can do it! If you want the map to label the Nile River, but you want your children to actually draw it in, Wondermaps can do that too. The possibilities are truly endless.

And let’s face it, how much time, energy, and money do we spend on finding the right atlas, plus a separate atlas for Biblical studies, and still they can’t be customized to show exactly what we, as teachers, would like them to? At $49.95, save yourself the time and extra expenses and get what you really need for your map studies. Check out Wondermaps HERE. It is a product well worth the investment.


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