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Biblical Hebrew


I have been contemplating lately the addition of a foreign language in our homeschool. Of course we do intend to learn one of the more widely used modern languages, such as Spanish or French, but I felt like maybe we needed to start with a language that could give us something more. One that could assist our understanding of our own language, and even deepen our faith. But, I am not a big supporter of the “classical education” model, so neither of the typical options of Latin nor Greek appealed to me, other than studying word roots from which our own English words are derived (but more on that in another post.)

As I continued to contemplate, I came across a giveaway for a set of curricula for Biblical Hebrew from Alef Press. I entered and….. I WON! Included in the giveaway is a teacher manual, one student workbook, and a CD with traditional Hebrew songs. So I waited for my package of goodies to arrive, which they did yesterday afternoon. At this point, I have only flipped through the workbook, and read the introductory info in the teacher manual, but we are already SO excited to start this curriculum. It looks like a very well structured curriculum, with plenty of practice and activities. My sons (and myself, of course) are extremely excited at the thought of being able to read the Hebrew Bible for ourselves. What a blessing! All we need is one more workbook and we are on our way.

For those who are considering a foreign language, and especially for those with any interest in Biblical Hebrew, check out Alef Press for their excellent products. I’ll definitely be posting our progress once we get started! šŸ™‚


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