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History Timeline Project

The Mystery of History curriculum encourages the use of timelines for reinforcement. We started out this year with each of my kids making his own timeline, kept in their history notebooks. Honestly, it was just becoming too time-consuming to keep up the separate timelines, so we recently decided to make one master timeline to put up on the wall. We couldn’t find all the materials suggested in the text without driving far out of the way, so we had to come up with another solution.

We finally came up with a very easy (and cheap-yay!) alternative. We bought a roll of brown craft paper (found at the dollar store as shipping paper for a buck a roll,) some colored printer paper, and one sheet of black poster board. We had previously bought the set of timeline figures available from the bright ideas press website, so that was no additional expense.


We cut the poster board into strips for the lines. We then printed out the titles on regular printer paper, and backed those with the colored paper. Thenall we had to do was unroll the craft paper and start gluing our title and lines down, then add our figures. I love the fact that, because we used a roll of paper instead of a hard piece of cardboard, we can keep expanding the timeline as far as we need to.

I think it turned out pretty good. The kids are already having a much easier time in referencing some of the topics we have covered, since now they don’t have to flip through a bunch of pages in their notebooks to find something. And at less than $5, not including the timeline figures, it’s definitely worth it!



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  1. We do something similar, but having been drawing “stick figures” like you’d see in grapevine studies. Unfortunately I’m too often forgetting to update the timeline. 🙂


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