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Resurrection Sunday

I truly hope everyone had a blessed Resurrection Sunday yesterday. Just jotting down a few of my personal thoughts, as I focus on what I consider the most important day of the year…

Jesus died on the cross so that we can become new creations. But that doesn’t stop the moment we receive Christ as our Savior. God doesn’t want us to keep feasting on the same warmed-up manna. He wants to give us new food on which to feast. He wants to take us to new places spiritually that we have never been to. He wants us to keep being  new creations.

One symbol of our new birth in Christ was when Jesus was on the cross. His body was pierced with a spear, and blood and water came out of his side. When a woman gives birth, the 2 main fluids that come out are blood and water. So, the mixture of blood and water symbolizes this new beginning, this new birth. Just as Eve was a new creation, made from the rib of Adam’s side, so we are new creations through the blood and water from the side of Jesus. Jesus died so that we may be born anew from and through Him.

There were 2 other men being crucified with Jesus. Why 2 others? One symbolized man, and the other Satan, both of which had fallen. One was unrepentant in his sin, symbolizing Satan’s rebellion, and ultimate punishment of being cast out of heaven. The other, symbolizing (repentant) man, asked if Jesus would remember him. Why was that word used? REmembered is the opposite of DISmembered. He asked to be REmembered, meaning put back together again in God’s kingdom, because he acknowledged that that relationship between man and God was broken. And Jesus said “today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43. Anyone who acknowledges being broken away from God, and asks to be put back together with Him, will indeed be saved. Those unrepentant will remain DISmembered spiritually.

And finally, for those of us that go through tough times, of which others are often unaware, there is hope in our Lord. The 2 other men being crucified ultimately had their legs broken. But Jesus was in the middle, legs unbroken, because as the sacrificial lamb, he was to be perfect and unbroken. We, as the body of Christ are “of his flesh and of his bones” Ephesians 5:30. In other words, though we might be spiritually and emotionally bruised, we as the body of Christ cannot be broken. Jesus rose and walked again, just as we can walk again, anew, in Christ. Hallelujah!


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