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Apologia Zoology 3 – Chapter 9

Admittedly, we had fallen a bit behind in our zoology lately. The main reason for this was that the boys had been taking the class through a local co-op, but we had to move far enough away that continuing to attend the co-op proved impossible. We were all pretty bummed out about that, so we put the subject on the back burner for a while to take the sting of disappointment out of things.

This past week we jumped back in where we left off, which was chapter 9 (which means we’re not too far behind, hopefully.) We did not get the notebooking journals for this course, as I wasn’t sure that they were entirely necessary, so I searched around for some good notebooking pages to help us get back into the swing of it. I am a member of the yahoo group for Apologia elementary sciences, but I just couldn’t find something simple as far as note-taking / notebooking pages. I decided to make some simple pages for the boys to take notes, and also included some boxes for them to draw their favorites from the various animal families.

IMG_3180 IMG_3178

Then, from the yahoo group. I found a file containing little pictures of the “map it” animals, which we then cut out and glued onto our continent maps that we printed from Wondermaps.

IMG_3185 IMG_3184

With the activities, I think the boys enjoyed getting back into the groove of science. We all really math and science nerds anyway, but these little activities make the subject even more fun. πŸ™‚

Helpful Links:

Yahoo Group for Apologia Sciences

Map It Animals


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  1. The map it animals are a nice idea. Is it available for those who don’t belong to the group too?

    • The yahoo group is really great for all sorts of resources, so I definitely recommend it. However, the map it animals can also be found in sticker form in the back of the notebooking journals. I also found a blog which has a downloadable file of all the animals in the course. The file lists them alphabetically, rather than by chapter, but it works. I have edited the blog post to include links. Hope that helps. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

  2. I haven’t used the notebooking journals either. I’m thinking next year I may do it, or use your ideas in this post. Thanks for sharing this!
    We used and made our own list of vocabulary words form our Apologia books to help my kids really solidify what they were learning. The site has its own word lists, but I like to create our own sometimes. My kids like playing the different word games. One of our kids is doing Anatomy and the other Astronomy. I don’t consider ourselves science nerds, and certainly not math nerds, but we love the Apologia curriculum.


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