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Lego Homeschool Workshop

When we first found out that we were moving to the area, the main attraction for my boys was the lego store. We are all lego fanatics, and we were so excited to be so close to an actual store. Today, we discovered just how fantastic our store really is, when we attended our first Lego Homeschool Workshop.

Our group of 8 boys, ages 8+, were working on a lego smart house. An ongoing, collaborative effort by all classes of this age range, the smart house involves different working mechanisms such as lights, automatic doors, and revolving telescopes. My kids had never used sensors, motors, wiring, or anything else involving programming components. But, after some careful listening, and observation of the more experienced kids, plus the instruction by the fantastic workshop leader, they were off and running in no time.

My younger son, Little M, was working with his partner on making the telescope movable. Frustration at first quickly gave way to elation when his partner and the instructor realized that M’s idea for the lift mechanism was nothing short of brilliant. So then, they showed him how to program the components to his specifications. M was absolutely beaming.

Big G, always taking the more quiet approach, worked with his partner on a retractable roof. No frustration there, as he is such a logical thinker, and programming things seems to come so naturally to him. Slow and steady is his way. He and his partner worked very well together, and in the end, were successful in making the roof retract.

Our only disappointment is in that the classes are now over until after the summer. But, we will definitely be coming back in the fall for more. These classes are fantastic for my boys. Another score for lego! 🙂

IMG_3269  IMG_3276

Above are pics of the roof (in black) first in closed position, then opened revealing the telescope, raised into position.


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  1. Luckies! That is soo cool!


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