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Testing Week

Most definitely, our least favorite time of the school year is testing. I find it completely ridiculous to attempt to gauge a child’s intelligence and ability by testing. Furthermore, the fact that our state requires such tests, yet does not require any particular score or improvement on such score from year to year reinforces my feelings that these tests are unnecessary and a ridiculous waste of time and money. End rant.

We decided to do the CAT tests this year, rather than the Woodcock-Johnson III we did last year. I like the WJIII, but with moving to a new area and not being able to find someone to administer the test for a reasonable fee, we decided to try the CATs. We got our tests from Catforms. For $20 per test, we get to borrow their test booklet, send our supplied answer sheet back to them, which they score, and then send the report back to us. They also keep track of scores from year to year, and include past scores in the report, so you can see how the kids are performing over time.

The kids did well with cooperation during the tests. They freaked out at first when they found out the tests were timed, but they completed all the sections with time to spare nonetheless.Ā  And I sat there with my timer ticking away, knitting what is either a really cute, or the ugliest blanket ever. (I can’t decide if I like the colors or not, but hey, I’m using up some of my yarn hoard stash. Pics to come soon.) From what I saw just glancing over their tests, I’m sure the boys did just fine. But, by the time we were done, we were all pretty much over it, so we hopped in the car, rolled out the windows, put on some tunes, and went for a drive to blow off some steam. Whew! šŸ™‚

Will we use Catforms again? Most likely. It was relatively painless, and the service from the company we used is excellent. And as much as I disagree with having to take these tests. I must admit I am just a tad interested to see the results. I guess if they do well, it’s a bit reassuring to us homeschooling parents that we are doing our jobs. We’re just glad that testing season in our school is OVER for another year. Woohoo! šŸ™‚


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