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Notebooking Binding

We love notebooking. Even before we became familiar with the term notebooking as it applies to homeschooling, my kids had always enjoyed making their own little books about whatever interested them at the time. In those days, their books were made from stapled pieces of paper. Well, now that we notebook for many of their school subjects, we are becoming 3 ring binder hoarders. And honestly, I hate the mount of extra space those bulky things can occupy.

So, I researched possible binding alternatives until finally settling on a traditional comb binding. Ease of use, multiple size options, and availability of supplies were among the deciding factors. After researching many machines, I settled on the Combbind c75 manual binding machine


This thing is really a snap to use. All you do is load your paper, then push down the ginormous handle to punch the holes.



Then you put one of the plastic combs in the top prongs. Then, pull the handle down again and lock into place so it stays open. Then, you load the paper into the comb.



Then just release the lock to close the comb and voila! An awesome custom notebook without the bulk of a binder.


This appeals not only to our creative sides, but to our “organization fanatic” sides as well. Definitely the best non-curriculum purchase for our homeschool EVER!


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  1. Really like this. How much was the machine? Where did you get?

    Funny in this context..this is one series I thoroughly enjoyed writing…now, for the record: I was talking more about things cyber than mechanical.


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