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Reed Gold Mine

Today we went on an awesome field trip to Reed Gold Mine. The day began with a viewing of a short film about the history of the gold mine. Dated as the movie was, it did have some interesting historical facts. Of course, some antsy little boys definitely wanted to move on to something more hands-on.

So, from there, we went on to the indoor exhibits, which included information concerning how gold is formed within the earth, as well as the methods and machinery used to mine it.

IMG_3816 IMG_3854 IMG_3821IMG_3857

And then, we were actually able to take a tour of the mine itself. Our tour guide told us all about the working conditions of the miners, the dangers they faced, and the difficult methods they had to employ in order to mine the gold.

IMG_3872 IMG_3884

IMG_3890 IMG_3881

IMG_3898 IMG_3892

Once we emerged from the mine, it was time for a group shot with our fellow homeschoolers. We took the picture at the top of one of the original mine shafts, complete with one of the old kibbles used to raise and lower material and miners up and down the shafts.

IMG_3900 IMG_3901 

After that, we headed over to do some panning for gold. Of course, we all came up empty handed, but it sure was fun trying.


This field trip was a LOT of fun and extremely educational. We will definitely be headed back again soon. I highly recommend a visit!


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