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Duke Energy Explorium

As our official school year is starting to wind down, we have begun taking quite a few field trips. This week we went with a couple of other homeschooling families to the Duke Energy Explorium to learn all about various forms of energy and how they are generated. We focused mainly on 2 forms of energy-electrical and nuclear.

Upon entering, there was plenty of visual stimulation to spark my young scientists’ curiosity.

IMG_4036 IMG_4034

Having only touched on electricity lightly in the past, I was pleased when my kids’ response to the “History of Electricity” display was the statement that they “already knew all about that, of course.”


We then moved on to the displays that told us all about how a generator operates in order to produce electricity.

IMG_4042  IMG_4051

The boys especially liked the model that lit up as it went through the various components of the generator.


We then learned about how nuclear energy is produced. (Apparently, I was the only one who found this a little freaky. Call me weird, but start talking about “nuclear” and “radiation” and I get jittery.)

IMG_4063  IMG_4069

IMG_4066  IMG_4064

After we finished the tour, we went on a nature walk on the trails nearby, which were right on the lake.


Did we have a good time? Yes. Will we go again? Not sure. It was a little freaky being so close to that nuclear plant. Also, I really think, as did the other moms who went with us, that the explorium would benefit greatly from tour guides to explain things and give interesting facts, etc.

I am grateful, however, that our visit sparked an interest in learning more about various forms of energy. Loving handouts and worksheets as I do, I made each of my boys a book of information and activities that went more in depth about the subjects. Here is the best place we found for Infobooks and corresponding Activities. Enjoy!


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