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Advice For Seekers – Book Review


I am thrilled to finally give my review of Advice For Seekers, written by the wonderful Charles H. Spurgeon, and published by New Leaf Publishing Group.

Though the book is a reprint of an old text, Words of Advice For Seekers, published in 1896, the wisdom in this book still certainly applies today. Because of the period in which it was written, there is the “thee” and “thou” language throughout, but nothing that I personally found to hinder my understanding. If anything, the language style makes the message all the more endearing.

As the title implies, this book was written specifically toward those seeking salvation through Christ Jesus. It touches on ideas such as our inability to save ourselves through our own good deeds, how our own self-righteousness hinders our humbleness necessary to focus on Christ alone, and how even though none of us can be “good enough” for God in deed or thought, we must come to Christ, just as we are, and He will intercede on our behalf.

Charles Spurgeon, as always, is simply wonderful. His message is direct, and his words can often be hard-hitting, but they are always the plain and simple truth. Although intended for seekers, his wise words are applicable to followers as well, serving as a reminder to constantly remain focused not on ourselves,  but on Christ, our Savior. Quite frankly, we all need to hit the reset button once in a while. Occasionally, we need to get rid of all the clutter, move beyond ourselves and beyond religion, and refocus on our relationship with Jesus Christ. This book, through its loving reminders of basic principles, can help us do just that. I highly recommend this book both for new seekers, and for those who are seeking a closer, deeper, stronger walk with the Lord.

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions and review. I received no compensation.


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