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Why I Give – Review & Giveaway!

Today I would like to offer my review of 2 wonderful items for the upcoming holiday season.


The first is a book titled Why We Give at Christmas Time, by Corine Hyman, Ph.D. This is a book that I would consider appropriate for ages 4-8(ish). It is a book about a little girl, Evelyn, who, through the help of her little friends, talks about the different reasons for giving gifts, and how we can please the Lord by doing so. Each page also includes a Bible verse to support the page’s idea. Not only would this book be wonderful for parents of little ones, but would also make a great small group or Sunday School book, as I’m sure a group of children would love to discuss their own experiences of giving with others.


The second item, and real star of the show, is the book’s accompanying activity book, “Why I Give.” This activity book goes through each of the points in the book, and gives corresponding coloring pages, activities, puzzles, and journaling pages. I like this activity book very much because it is completely adaptable to a variety of ages. Very young children can stick to family activities and coloring pages, while older children can enjoy the puzzles and journaling pages. It includes cover pages as well, so each child can put together his/her own personal book on giving. Because of its variety of activities, I think this book could work for young children through upper elementary level. Even though it does correspond to the hardcover book, this activity book can certainly be used as a stand-alone very easily, and our family used it as such.

Both of these books can be purchased at the website here. The activity book is on sale now through Dec. 2, so hurry over and get your copy!

I am also very pleased to offer a giveaway for both a hard copy of the book, as well as a pdf copy of the activity book. Just click to complete the ENTRY FORM for your chance to win!



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  1. I love to give homemade gifts…one of my all time favorites was the year I made Christmas ornaments for everyone.

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I am praying that both books blessed you family

  3. I think the best gift I ever gave was when I gave Jesus my heart. Through Him, I am now able to give others love, joy , and peace. He is the greatest gift I could ever give to another human being.


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