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Simply Put: A Study In Economics – Review and Giveaway


In this great homeschool journey, there are some subjects that simply stump me. Admittedly, economics was one of them. I have never personally taken an economics course, so the idea that my sons would soon need to take it made me a bit nervous. So, when I was given the opportunity to review the book, Simply Put: A Study In Economics by Catherine Jaime, I decided to read the book for myself, as a student of sorts, as a test run before trying to teach the subject.

The book, consisting of 36 lessons, is intended for high school students. When using it at the recommended 2 lessons per week, plus the midterm and final exam, the book can be easily completed in one semester, which will result in the half credit required by many high schools. The author suggests that it could also be made into a year-long, full credit course, with the addition of related readings.

From the start, I feel the author did an excellent job of presenting the material in  short, clear segments that are neither overwhelming nor intimidating. Her writing style makes concepts very easy to understand. After each lesson, there are a number of review questions, and often further information and activities found in the appendices in the back of the book, which help reinforce understanding of the concepts presented.

I found this book to be very interesting, so I could honestly go on and on about the content itself. Suffice it to say, this book does seem to cover all the information necessary in an introductory economics course. I feel that I not only learned a LOT about basic economic principles, but I also received clarification on ideas that had caused me confusion in the past.

Although I feel that this book could easily be completed by a high school level student, as intended, I honestly think that it might be better suited for middle school aged children. If intended for a high school student, I feel that this book might better serve the purpose of being an introductory or survey course used in preparation for a more in-depth full curriculum. I intend to use it in this way for my own children, so that they have a solid understanding of basic concepts before undertaking a more extensive economics course.

Where You Can Get This Book:

  • Currclick has the digital version on sale now for $6.99 (regularly $16.00)
  • Both the softcover and digital versions of the student book and accompanying teacher key can be found on Amazon.
  • The Author’s Website has the digital set of student and teacher books, plus a number of other excellent resources.

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Plus A Mega Giveaway!

In addition to my own giveaway, there is a Homeschool Giveaway in Celebration of Simply Put: A Study of Economics in honor of the book’s launch. There are some great products being offered, so be sure to enter to win!



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