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A Very Late Weekly Wrap Up

I have been very bad lately about posting our weekly wrap-ups, so here is one to sum up the last couple of weeks that I have missed.



We first need to go back to Saturday the 7th, when Little M had a piano recital/community service at a local nursing home. He was nervous, but eager to perform, and did a wonderful job playing Frosty The Snowman for the residents. The residents really enjoyed all the students’ performances. It was great hearing performances from students of all ages and skill levels. Everyone did a great job!




Then, the boys decided to get into the Christmas spirit by making and decorating some sugar cookies. We also made some salt dough ornaments with friends. The kids weren’t too impressed with the cutting out of the shapes, but they certainly had fun painting and decorating the ornaments! (Or, was it the whole “making a mess” thing that they enjoyed?? Hmmm.)




The last highlight of our week was definitely our field trip, A Homeschool Christmas at Latta Plantation. The boys loved having the opportunity to experience living history on the plantation, built in the year 1800. They learned all about daily life on the plantation, caring for the animals, farming, cooking, and woodworking.  We also got to see a special presentation on soldier life during the Civil War. We learned about daily life and hardships of soldiers, their strict training, and battle tactics. The boys’ favorite part, of course, was  watching the soldiers firing their weapons. In sum, they were completely fascinated.

I hope you all had a wonderful week in your homes and homeschool this past week. Blessings!


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