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Last Week’s Wrap-Up

A nasty stomach bug hit our family at the end of the week, so once again, our wrap-up post has been delayed. I didn’t want to skip it all together, though, since we had an excellent week in our homeschool.

We had originally intended to start a new Bible study this week, but as we were finishing our review of the Mere Christianity Journal, (review post coming soon) the boys REALLY started getting into the material, which spurred some pretty deep discussions and scripture studies. So, that more than covered Bible study for this week.

 photo trisms_graphic_zps0ff8bad7.jpgAs far as our other subjects, we revamped a LOT this past week. We implemented a curriculum called TRISMS, which is a chronological, history-based, research-focused curriculum. It incorporates several subjects all together, giving it an almost unit study feel.

We actually used TRISMS in conjunction with the Classical History we were already doing, which has worked out extremely well. For writing, we were already using IEW, which is the writing program integrated into the TRISMS curriculum, so the kids already had a good feel for what would be expected in their writing, with the added benefit of the writing assignments woven right into the curriculum.

Science and math are a part of the curriculum as well, but only to the extent of noting developments or important persons in the field. So, we will continue with our Apologia for science and Life of Fred for math.

Overall, the boys are really loving the way everything is woven together. It makes each subject more meaningful, since they can see how it all fits together. The curriculum also allows them to further research areas that are especially interesting to each of them. Another thing they really love is that, overall, school takes a LOT less time, since there is a lot less skipping from one subject to the next. I am also seeing a great increase in their amount and length of focus.

In other words, we are all loving this curriculum, and we had a pretty fantastic homeschool week.


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  1. Hope everyone is feeling better, sounds like a great school week, though.


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