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Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal Review


I am so excited to finally be able to share with you all my review for the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal, written by Stacy Farrell, and published by Home School Adventure Co. The journal is intended for teenagers through adults, so I was originally unsure as to whether my boys would be able to comprehend the material. But, being the fans of C.S. Lewis that we are, and as excited as we were to hear about this product, we decided to review the journal together as a family study, and now we are so glad that we did.

About Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity is actually a four book compilation, which was adapted from a series of C.S. Lewis’ radio broadcasts from the early 1940s.  Rather than focusing on those issues that tend to divide Christians into various denominations, C.S. Lewis instead focuses on those basic beliefs, our central tenets, that are held by, and thereby unite all Christians. This commonality of belief and purpose is what Lewis refers to as Mere Christianity.

How We Used the Journal

We decided that, since we were all going to work our way through the journal together, the best idea for us would be to listen to the audio book, while also having a hard copy of the book on hand to read any of the more difficult passages. This worked extremely well for us. We listened to the audio as a family, pausing at the appropriate times to answer questions and discuss our ideas.

I must note that the journal questions are not lightweight. They are not simply intended as a review of the material contained within the book. You will not find any fill-in-the-blank, matching, or short answer questions. Instead, you will find thought provoking tools meant to encourage students’ deeper analysis and reflection of the material. In other words, students will learn to think about not only what C.S. Lewis believes and has written about, but what they believe, and more importantly, why they believe it.

We were in between other Bible studies during this review period, which actually worked out well, since our time with the journal actually took a while each day. That is not to say that the material was too difficult to understand. On the contrary, not only did both of my boys comprehend the material and give thoughtful responses to the well-chosen questions, but they looked forward to our journal time, and often asked to do more when we were done. The journal questions made them think, which led to them forming their own questions, which led to further Bible study, and further discussion. Needless to say, we had some quite extensive theological discussions because of this journal, and the boys loved it.

Our Opinion

We all absolutely loved this journal. I appreciate the fact that these questions are not overly easy or watered down, as I believe it is never too early for kids to learn how to build their foundation of faith and defend it.  I feel that this journal is a perfect source for introducing apologetics into the homeschool, as it encourages students to carefully examine and discuss their own personal theological viewpoints. However, I would not limit this to being a product only for homeschoolers. It could easily be used in youth groups, adult Bible study groups, or even just for family study. I think this journal is a wonderful way of sharing Lewis’s classic work with a whole new generation of defenders of the faith.

Where to Buy & More

I know you all will be blessed by this journal, as my family certainly has been. As a way to further bless customers, Home School Adventure Co. is offering 10% off the journal from January 16 – 30.


I am also excited to announce a Facebook party tomorrow, January 16, from 8-10pm (Eastern time). Click the graphic below to go directly to the Facebook event so that you can join in the fun. I hope to see you all there.




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  1. We are big C.S. Lewis fans also, thanks for this.

  2. jennifer fraunfelder

    thank you for this awesome giveaway!


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