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The New Answers Book 4 – Book Review

answers_book4I am pleased to bring you another review today, for The New Answers Book 4, edited by Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis, and published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group. This book covers many questions concerning creation and evolution, and their Biblical answers. The book contains over 30 common questions relating to the origins of our earth and its inhabitants. With each question receiving its own dedicated chapter, answers are provided from both scripture as well as scientific research and observational data.

What Questions are Answered in The New Answers Book 4?

The Q&As in this book cover a wide range of topics, including astronomy and the origins of the universe, the origins of man as intelligent beings, geological evidence of a young earth, the fossil record, the development of languages, environmental changes throughout time, and so many more. There are also a number of chapters on atheistic views of such topics, and how to recognize them and then refute them.

How We Used the Book

Not only did we enjoy this book as recreational reading for the inquisitive minds in the household, but we also used it to supplement our homeschool curricula, mainly in the areas of history and science. Our science curriculum is already from a young earth creationist point of view, so this book was mainly used for reinforcement of prior learning. We did, however, find some chapter subjects particularly interesting, such as those relating to living fossils (meaning those species found in the fossil record that are still found in the same unchanged form today) and the fossil record’s lack of transitional forms (basically, missing links in the evolutionary chain).

History, we have found, is an especially difficult subject in which to find resources from a creationist perspective. Most history books are full of evolutionist theories rather than showing the true origins of man. I found this book particularly useful in helping my sons to affirm our beliefs in God’s creation and the Biblical timeline of man. The chapters we found most helpful in this capacity were those discussing the intelligence of early man versus typical “caveman” assumptions, various cultural legends concerning creation, global flood, and the development of languages, and geological evidence proving that the earth itself is much younger than commonly accepted, so man’s existence must be much shorter as well.

Our Final Opinion

We have thoroughly enjoyed this book, and have found it to be an excellent supplement in our homeschool. I was very glad to find that a number of the questions that my own children have asked me concerning the topic of evolution were included in this book. I appreciate having one single source to turn to for our answers to so many of our common questions on the subject. We also like that the book presents opposing views and false claims of evolutionists. I believe that from a young age, children need to be taught about the worldly views that they are going to be up against, and how they will defend their opinions against them. This book, which is written clearly with thoroughly researched scientific support and explanations, can help them do just that. I would recommend this book not only just to fellow homeschoolers, but to all Christians seeking answers to their questions on creation versus evolution.



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