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“Six Days” by Ken Ham – Book Review

Six_Days_Ken_Ham1Was the earth really created in six days? What about the millions of years theories? Did all creatures evolve? What’s wrong with believing in an “old Earth”? How does any of this affect my faith?

Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, tackles these as well as many other questions related to the age of the Earth, in his new book, Six Days: The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church. The book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.

Six Days explains that the story of creation, found in the book of Genesis, should be accepted as a literal six day time span. The historical record of Genesis is the basis for our understanding of not only man’s creation, but also the structure of marriage, man’s fall and subsequent sinful nature, and most of our other major doctrines. Failure to accept the Book of Genesis as a historical record, then, questions the Bible’s authority at its very foundation. Once people begin to question the Bible’s authority in this way, it puts them in a vulnerable position of ultimately looking to man as their authority rather than God.

As the book explains, the idea of evolution, and thus the earth’s age of millions of years needed to accommodate this theory, became popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. From the beginning, this theory was intended to discredit the Bible. Instead of accepting God as authority, evolutionist theory puts man as authority of himself, and completely removes God from the equation, replacing it with a new god: science.

This movement toward a secular worldview is why so many of our youth are leaving the church. Without a solid foundation with the Bible as our authority on creation, people question the Bible’s credibility, and look to “science” for ways to explain the world around them, and their very existence. Even our churches themselves are compromising with the world, adopting many secular ideas in an effort to resolve  the Bible with scientific theories. Without the truth being taught in churches, our youth have no other option but to accept the scientific explanation of life’s origins.

As a strong believer in a young Earth, and thus, a literal interpretation of Genesis, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I think it would be an excellent read for teens through adults, as a way to understand the arguments of evolutionists, and how to defend against them. I would recommend this book to those who might not know where they stand on the issue of evolution and its attack on Biblical authority. For many readers, I think this book will definitely be an eye-opener.


On a side note, I’m sure many of you already know about the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye (The Science Guy) which is happening tomorrow evening, February 4. I encourage all of you to listen in as Ken defends the Bible as authority in the face of evolutionist claims. Please go to to listen in.



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