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Thoughts on the Debate

It’s been a busy day, so my post is coming a bit late today. I did, however, want to give a short post about the debate last night. While I am not going to re-state the arguments of each side, I do want to note a few things.

First of all, I am completely ecstatic that Ken Ham was able to share the gospel with so many people. He presented his case intelligently and with no judgmental undertones. He stood firm in his faith, and spoke with dignity.  He never wavered. And when it seemed that he was being baited into argument,  he simply returned to the evidence, refusing to entertain any pettiness. I pray that his message reached some people who had never had the opportunity to hear it before. I pray others gained understanding of this issue, and its importance to Christians today.

Bill Nye stated many theories with which most people are familiar, those same theories that children in public schools are forced to accept as fact. Nye made many claims about the age of the Earth, and the processes used to date it. And that is where his argument fizzled. From that point on, he seemed a bit flustered, often talking in circles, and all the while looking down his nose at Ken Ham and “his followers”.

Honestly, Bill Nye made me sad. It was obvious that his comments made in regards to the Bible were the result of him not doing his own research on the Bible himself, which should have really been step number one once he decided to accept the opportunity to debate. Rule number one is know your opponent and what he/she stands for and their reason for doing so. In this, Mr. Nye failed.

I got the impression that Nye considered Ham such an unworthy opponent, and considered the debate such an easy win, that he didn’t really take it seriously. What a rude awakening. His attitude toward Ham was evident in his snide remarks throughout the program (and in the days leading up to it, in fact). His comments and overall condescending attitude really ruined any credibility he had. In that regard, Nye was really his own worst enemy.

And then there were the comments from Nye about the United States being the world leader in technology, and that only through [evolution-based] science being taught in schools can we remain such a leader. I’m sorry, but his ideas on technological domination really didn’t relate to the creation vs. evolution argument at all. One does not really have much to do with another. His follow-up comments concerning voters and funding spoke loudly of his true agenda.

On the other hand, I would like to thank Mr. Nye for showing my family a few things. Thank you, Mr. Nye, for showing my children that some people like to win argument through insult and intimidation, and how ridiculous it looks when someone tries to do so. Thank you for fueling the fire inside my children to spread the gospel, so that hopefully they will not follow blindly after man’s theories in the name of science. Thank you for showing my children just how desperately some people need Jesus, and how we need to pray for them (and you) continually.

I pray that God planted seeds last night. I pray that he planted the “just maybe…” seeds not only in Bill Nye, but in those watching and listening throughout the world.


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