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Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb. 8

This week in our homeschool was pretty eventful. The fact that we are still continuing on in our homeschool with no changes in our core curriculum for a while is an notable event in itself! We are still using the Trisms curriculum as our spine, but continue to add to it as we need to, mainly by the use of notebooking pages. The boys have definitely enjoyed this method overall more than any other history curriculum.

We are continuing to work on our Mango Languages, which we will be reviewing soon for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. The boys are enjoying it so far. (And I better not say any more until review time!)


In addition to our regular studies, this week we had one of our homeschool pals over to do a small woodworking project. I have done woodworking as a hobby for years,  so I thought it was time I passed on some of my knowledge to the guys. Although my older son chose not to participate (pre-teens, ugh!) Little M and his buddy had a great time learning and crafting!


This week we also watched the creation debate as a family. I know I have already posted on this, so I will just keep it brief in saying that, for us, the program served a great purpose. Since then, our family has had many discussions about the evidence for creation, and how to deal with those wanting to impose evolutionary theory upon them. One thing I can say about my kids is that they definitely have conviction. This event, and their reactions to it, assured me of that.

Another family event this week was the addition of family game night. Now, we have done board games and such as a family countless times, but this is something new. We don’t have cable, but as we were browsing through Hulu one day, we came across the show Minute to Win It. Let’s just say my kids were inspired to try some of the challenges at home. So, they set up a couple of games and set the timer. Their favorite was bouncing a ping pong ball into a series of cups. Yes, the parents got creamed. Yes, the kids rubbed it in. And yes, I am a sore loser.


Their victory high-five, complete with shirt removal.

Despite parents losing by a long shot, we really did have a great time with game night and plan to make it a weekly event. The boys have a ton of games in mind, so we have something new to look forward to each week.

What weekly traditions do you all have as a family? I would love to hear about them! I hope you all had a blessed week.


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