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Weekly Wrap-Up: Valentine’s Day

Well, there is honestly not much to report as far as homeschooling this week, because our week was cut considerably shorter by a snow storm. We’re in the south, so of course everything shuts down any time there is snow. This storm, dumping almost a foot of snow in some places, put the entire area in emergency state.


So, Big Daddy got to come home from work and had a couple days off, which means the kids were off school as well. Although we, as northerners, find the state of panic and emergency ridiculous for such a small bit of snow, we really did like having the time off. All three of my guys had a great time playing in the snow, having some pretty epic snowball fights, and building our snowman family. Too cute.


Winter is actually my favorite time of the year back home. I much prefer cold to the unbearable heat of summer. And I miss the snow. This storm was the first taste of real snow since leaving the north, and it definitely made me a little homesick.

One thing I love about snow is that it reminds me of the verse…

“though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…” –Isaiah 1:18

I am so thankful that, like the snow can blanket the earth, The blood of Jesus can cover our sins, and make them white as snow. No matter what is in us, the blood of Jesus can cover it all. And unlike the snow, I am thankful that His blood endures all, and never fades away. Thank you, Jesus.


So now today is Valentine’s Day, and although we are stuck home celebrating, I am definitely counting my blessings. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. And, please don’t forget about our giveaway going on for the book The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted. This book would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself and spouse. (And entries are low on this one, so you have an excellent chance at winning!)




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  1. enjoy your snow… we just had ice. But it was a real taste of winter and I loved it.


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