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Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb. 21

We have lost our focus. There, I said it. This week, as far as accomplishing all that we set out to do, and checking off all our to-do lists, it was an epic fail. And quite frankly, this whole year has seemed a little off. And perhaps it hasn’t been so much of a loss of focus, but a loss of purpose. I chose purpose as my word for the year over a month ago, thinking of how it was applying only to myself, when in actuality, I should have been thinking about our homeschool as well. I think we, as homeschoolers, are to many pitfalls.

Too many curriculum choices often cause us to second-guess ourselves about materials we have already decided on. So, we begin that long merry-go-round of trial and error with various curricula, and even try out different teaching methods in hopes of finding “something better” than what we started out with. And, you guessed it, the grass is rarely ever greener. Instead, we have overcomplicated our situation, creating confusion and frustration.

Striving for perfection is always a danger. Especially in the homeschool community, it is too easy to compare ourselves to other families and other moms who seem to have it all together, with children who are perfect little obedient geniuses. It’s very easy to see ourselves as failures when things don’t go right in our homeschools. Neither I nor my children are perfect. I don’t want to present that image here. We are imperfect beings, so I need to remember that this journey, this day, and heck, even this hour is not going to be perfect.

These are all symptoms of a much larger problem. I allowed myself to lose sight of our purpose. Our purpose is to glorify God in all we do. Our purpose is to allow the Holy Spirit to direct our paths. When I take things into my own hands, failure is assured. It’s just not about me. It’s all about him.

So, this week, we came to the realization that we were doing too much, trying too many things, and setting unrealistic expectations. So, we ditched it all. This week was almost entirely delight-directed learning. And the most amazing this is that this week, my kids learned SO much. We did experiments and activities, read together as a family more, had some major heart-to-heart talks, and best of all, we smiled and laughed and played together. So, cliche as it may sound, our plans fell apart, but our family sure came together.




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  1. I am happy to read it. Have a beautiful day 🙂

  2. Oh, I love this! Maybe our plans need to fall apart, too!

  3. Sometimes the best plans are NOT the ones you planned to use. I am always so proud of you and how you turn things around as God directs.

  4. We have been focusing more and more on child directed – but I LOVE your term Delight Directed – learning. It means it is harder to stick to a schedule, but I think that if we are learning because we are super curious about a subject, and gobbling up everything we can on it for the joy of learning and devouring it – That Is Brilliant. I think as a parent, I need to have a rough plan, a very rough overview of some of the things we should cover at this age or this year – and then let the delight win out most times. I love this! Well played.


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