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Motivated Moms Review


As wives and mothers, and keepers of the home, it is easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed with our household chores and responsibilities. If you have struggled with planning and completing all the many tasks required in a day, and need something to keep it all organized and scheduled for you, then Motivated Moms can definitely benefit you. The Motivated Moms Ebooks are available in a wide variety of formats, and with each ebook costing only $8 for the entire year’s worth of schedules, it is really an excellent deal. I have been using one of the Motivated Moms Ebooks for the past few weeks, and am excited to share with you my review of the book, and how it has been a huge help in organizing chores in the home.

Unique Features of Motivated Moms


Motivated Moms Ebooks come with many different options, including daily or weekly layout, full or half-page size, and full color or black and white. They also include optional daily Bible readings, to keep you on a consistent reading plan. Whatever options you choose, the features of each page are basically the same. The left column contains chores that are to be done daily, such as making beds, feeding pets, emptying trash, etc. It also includes a few empty blanks to write in some additional daily chores. Under each chore are boxes to check off for each day of the week once the task is completed. For those that choose one of the ebooks that includes a daily Bible reading plan, this is also at the bottom of the left column. The right column contains all the extra chores that need done throughout the house, but on a weekly (or less frequent) basis. These are things like cleaning out the fridge, mopping floors, and dusting. With all these tasks scheduled together on a single sheet, it is easy to see exactly what needs to be done for the entire week, and takes the pressure off of having to figure it out for yourself.

How We Used Motivated Moms:

Because my boys are older, I decided that we should use the schedule together. Once I explained the schedule to my boys, and then showed them the week’s duties, we were off and running. We each had our share of individual chores, and then completed the remainder of them as a team. The schedule was very easy to implement, even with 2 boys who, of course, are not huge fans of chores. Not only did the schedule help keep them from feeling overwhelmed, I think it gave them a sense of accomplishment to be able to check off each chore on the list when it was completed. They especially enjoyed the last checkmark of the day, when all our tasks were accomplished! It was nice having the schedule for them to refer to on their own, rather than them repeatedly asking me what to do next. This is probably the easiest chore system we have ever tried together.

Favorite Features of Motivated Moms:

  • Everything is pre-planned for you. No sitting down and trying to plan out what to do when. This is a HUGE time saver.
  • I love the fact that the schedules include things like changing the furnace filter or washing shower curtains. This means no more, “When was the last time I did that?”
  • It divides up the chores to help break up larger tasks. It is much easier to do a little bit of cleaning in each room of the house every day, rather than spending one huge block of time cleaning an entire single space.
  • It is easy to customize. In addition to the various formats available, there are extra blanks to fill in your own chores, if they are not already included.
  • Because the week can be seen at a glance, it is easy to look ahead and get an idea of what to expect for the week.
  • Getting the kids involved in helping out with chores is made very easy, because Motivated Moms takes all the guess work out of what is expected.
  • Time for yourself is built into the weekly schedule, in the form of working on crafts or hobbies and time for pampering yourself. This really is an important thing, since, as moms, we spend so much time focusing on others that sometimes we neglect making time for ourselves.

My Final Opinion

This schedule is so handy to have around to keep all household chores in order. I think using the schedule really takes the stress off trying to accomplish everything that needs done in a day, since it does all the planning and “thinking” for you. I think any mom can benefit from Motivated Moms Ebooks. They really help moms keep household chores organized and under control. I hope you will check them out!

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  1. I purchased the app and I LOVE it! Truly awesome. I too like that I don’t have to sit down and plan everything out. I already feel way more organized and my house (and family) are loving me for it.

    Great review and a fantastic “product”.


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