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Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Giveaway


Yesterday I shared our review for the Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener. Today, I am happy to announce that Classroom Friendly Supplies is generously offering one of their sharpeners as a giveaway to one of my readers! Now is a great chance to try out one of these fantastic sharpeners!

Just to recap, here are some of our favorite features of the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener:

  • It does a perfect job time after time, regardless of the type (or quality) of pencil you use
  • Sturdy construction means durability. Definite plus in my house!
  • The plastic drawer underneath is easy to remove and clean. It just slides out and back in
  • The metal plate holds it perfectly in place. No more lopsided pencil tips
  • The crank is easy to turn, and gets even easier to let you know when the sharpening is complete
  • It’s quiet! It’s not silent, but it’s the quietest crank sharpener I have ever heard, by far
  • It comes with a non-permanent mount to clip it to a desk or table, for extra stability
  • Replacement blades are available directly from Classroom Friendly Supplies, so no need to throw out the whole sharpener just for a dull blade
  • The price is excellent. Can you get a cheaper sharpener? Sure. But you will spend more on a dozen cheapies that don’t work half as good as this one. For the quality and excellent results, this sharpener is a steal!


The winner will have a choice of colors: blue, green, red, black, or pink. Giveaway is open to US residents only. Ending date is next Thursday, March 20th. Click the graphic below to be taken to the giveaway form! Good luck!




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  1. I would like to enter your giveaway, but I do not have FB.

  2. Pencil sharpeners are such a thorn in my side! I’m drueling!


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