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Fine Arts Friday: March 14

We have decided, as a family, that we need to be more consistent about incorporating fine arts into our homeschool. At the suggestion of my sons, I have decided to start a new weekly series on the blog, starting today, that can allow them to showcase their various artistic pursuits throughout the week.

Because we do not have a structured art curriculum, this week we decided to simply pick up an art book and flip through until something caught our eye. This book is excellent for introducing art to children:


The boys flipped through until they happened upon a painting by Renoir, Boating On The Seine:


From there we discussed impressionism style and techniques, and other notable painters of the period. In all honesty, it had been a while since my sons had painted, and we have never done a formal art history course (adding that to our to-do list of courses) so they were both fascinated and eager to try their hand at imitating some of the elements they observed in the paintings.


They decided to focus mainly on incorporating some sort of reflection into their paintings, since it was the element that piqued their interest most in the initial Renoir painting.


For a first try, I think they did a great job (and yes, I joined in with the painting fun too!). Next week we plan on revisiting the impressionist style, and attempting some of the brush techniques common to the movement. I have no real experience in art, other than my own dabbling in painting, so this is an excellent learning experience for me as well. I hope to make this a bit more formal as we go along, to the point of adding in some notebooking pages about art styles and notable artists, and perhaps keeping a scrapbook of favorite paintings. Next week the boys also want to add some more “craftsy” projects to the mix, so I look forward to sharing their creations with you.

I hope you have enjoyed our first Fine Arts Friday. I would love to hear your ideas or suggestions about this series, as well as the ways in which you incorporate art into your homeschools as well. I hope you will join us again!


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