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The Dude’s Guide to Manhood Book Review

dude_graphicThere’s no denying that men today are confused about what true manhood really involves. Society’s over-correction of the overly macho images of the past have resulted in the feminization of today’s men, and even gender confusion. Is it any wonder that our young men today are unsure of what it even means to be a man, or what is expected of them once they get there? Author Darrin Patrick tackles this tough subject, offering a Scripturally sound guidebook of sorts, on what real manhood is all about. He discusses what true manhood means in relation to marital relationships, family, friends, and work, and how to keep it all in balance as shoots from the hip, but not in a preachy or judgmental way. He’s just a dude, trying to help his fellow dudes with issues face by all men, sharing his own experiences and lessons learned along the way. In all areas of life, he points toward men’s need to look toward their ultimate role model, and perfect example of manhood- Jesus Christ.

“True manhood doesn’t mean being perfect ourselves; it means trusting in Christ’s perfection for us.”

As a mother of 2 dudes well on their way to manhood, this subject is one of particular concern for me. I think this book has been an excellent read, and helps me understand a bit better those characteristics I must help foster in my rising men. Throughout the book, the author offers many analogies of well-known public figures and characters from movies with which we are all familiar in order to illustrate his points. In my opinion, this makes for a humorous and engaging style that is easy for the reader to relate to. I think this book would be an excellent read not only for young men embarking on manhood, but also for parents of those young men, or even for more seasoned “dudes” who need a little refocus. This would also make an excellent book for a men’s study group.

Please visit the book page on the Thomas Nelson website for more information.




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