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Fine Arts Friday: March 21

This week we received a new product to review, which just happens to fall under the “arts and crafts” category, so much of our fine arts focus this week revolved around that. Unfortunately, I can’t share anything we have done thus far, as I want to share that for our review post, but I will provide a sneak peek of the book itself. I will also say that this book, from Artistic Pursuits, is pretty fantastic!


So for the remainder of the week, the boys focused on simple art time, which mainly involved pencil sketches. We viewed some of the lessons from to try out some new techniques. One lesson in particular taught the boys about perspective, which resulted in some cool sketches:


Perfectionists as my kids are, they have deemed these “incomplete” and intend to keep working on them until they have “mastered the concept”. I wonder who they get that from. 😉

The boys also sketched from a series of drawing books that they found from Hinkler books. The series features different types of things to draw. The one the boys focused on this week is called Awesome Things to Draw, which features all sorts of cool things for boys to sketch. (And yes, the series has plenty of girl books as well!)


The books describe how to draw an object, step by step, with subjects varying from easy to more advanced levels. My youngest had a particular interest in the “deadly animals” section, and created this sea monster:


This one he was quite proud of.

In addition to the drawing techniques we worked on this week, my youngest also spent a lot of his fine arts focus on preparing for his piano recital next week. He is doing 2 selections, both of which I consider a challenge considering he has been taking lessons for less than a year. Just for a little teaser on his 2 songs, they will take you on a little visit to a couple of well-known places: the halls of Pemberley and Hogwarts. I hope to be able to share some of his performance with you.

I would love to hear how you incorporated the arts into your homeschool studies this week! Feel free to comment or share your links!



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