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Captivated by MediaTalk101: Movie Review

Technology is advancing at a staggering pace, and the involvement of media in our everyday lives has reached an all-time high. Since its inception, it seems that people cannot get enough media. Many consider our technological advances to be an advancement of society as a whole. What could possibly be the danger in such advances? Is there such as thing as too much of a good thing? And how do we know when enough is enough? MediaTalk101 has released the documentary Captivated, which deals with the many issues concerning our society’s obsession with media. I have had the pleasure of viewing the Captivated DVD, and today I would like to share my review with you.


About the Film

Length: 107 minutes

Price: $16.95

Audience: Intended for adult audiences, but approved for all ages

Where to buy: Captivated DVD


Captivated is a documentary about the effects of media on us as individuals and a society. It discusses how that, since the invention of the telegraph in 1844, technology’s explosion has resulted in society’s unquenchable hunger for more and more media. This has resulted not only in society’s satisfaction with a virtual reality, but in a breakdown of our true society and personal relationships. Captivated offers interviews with many experts who all testify to the negative effects of overexposure to media. They tell how personal relationships are suffering, the family unit is breaking down, and children suffer developmentally and academically. And most importantly, they tell how an overindulgence in media hinders us from having a close personal relationship with the Lord.

Many people today are struggling. They want to avoid the realities of life. They seek escape and freedom. In this need to escape, they accept the false reality that the media portrays. Often times, this results in people becoming addicted to this media, experiencing physical effects seen in many other addictions. Media becomes a drug, and affects all facets of daily life. Basically, many people today are slaves to the media. The danger, of course, is that if we are a slave to the media, and seek to escape life, we cannot experience a strong relationship and true closeness with the Lord.

The documentary also features interviews with people, both young and old, who have faced their addictions to media, be it television, radio, phone, or internet. They tell their stories of how, once they “unplugged” from the media, they were able to see just how much they were affected by those negative influences in their lives. Unplugging was certainly difficult at times, which only confirmed the tight grip that their addictions to media had on their lives. Often, these people are shocked at just how much time they were spending, and wasting on media every day. Only when they began to fill that time that had been occupied by media with things that were good and pure, and pleasing to the Lord, could they truly appreciate the peace and true happiness that only comes from God.

My Opinion

Captivated is a wake-up call. Even for those of us who feel like we are doing a good job of limiting and censoring media exposure in the home, I think this DVD is invaluable in showing just how dangerous media has become. Not that this film is all about scare tactics, because it certainly isn’t. But it does show the reality of the affects of media obsession. What is so frightening, for me, is that media can have such a strong hold, without us realizing it, that it can take us away from the most wonderful gift in this life, which is our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. What this DVD has revealed to me is that anything that takes that much time away from my relationship with the Lord is becoming my idol. And that is something that I will simply not allow.

Does this mean that all media is a bad thing? No, and the documentary says this as well. What we, as Christians, need to be sure of is that we always need to consider if what we are doing or watching is something that is pleasing to the Lord. Is it a good use of the time that God has given us? If not, then it is time to unplug and refocus on the things of the Lord. I would definitely recommend this to all Christians today. And for those with teenagers, or soon-to-be teenagers, I recommend watching it together. I think the Captivated DVD will help open the eyes of many Christians so that we see our need to be captivated by Christ, rather than by the media flooding our society today.

Please visit MediaTalk101, the Captivated website, or click here to purchase the Captivated DVD. You can also follow Captivated on Facebook and Twitter.


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