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I haven’t been around the blog as much lately. Quite frankly, I just needed a bit of a break, and my family needed more of me. 🙂 For the past couple of weeks, I have not done our weekly wrap-ups, so I just thought I would share a short post of some of our latest happenings.

On March 29th, my youngest son had his first major piano recital. He was very nervous before the event got started, but was quite composed once he began playing. He played 3 selections total, Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter, Georgiana from Pride and Prejudice, and a piece he composed himself called Battle of the Knights. (He didn’t even inform me he had written the piece until the night before the recital!) He did an outstanding job, and was complimented by other students and parents alike, which he accepted humbly. I couldn’t have been more proud.


We attended an event at our local library, titled Electrifying Encounters. The boys learn all about electricity, circuits, and even got to check out a Van de Graaff generator. As a result, the boys have a new found interest in circuitry, so I see many projects and activities involving electricity in our near future.



And finally, this past weekend, the men folk of the house dragged me along to the local Dragway for the 4-Wide Nationals. My husband’s company was actually incredibly generous in giving us the tickets, and none of us had ever been. (I later learned that this is the only 4-wide drag strip in the world, so extra cool bonus there!) And even though I was a bit reluctant at first, I must say that the races were actually pretty cool… and I’m sure my hearing will eventually return to normal. (Yes, I wore ear plugs, don’t worry.)


So, that about wraps up the last couple of weeks. I did enjoy the break and spending more time with the family. I am hoping to be better about keeping everything balanced, and my priorities better in place.

As for the remainder of this week, I hope you all will be following along, as we will be doing some very exciting reviews and giveaways in store!


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