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Virtue Training Bible Review and Giveaway

Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old he will not depart from it.” –Proverbs 22:8


Have you heard of the Virtue Training Bible? It is a wonderful tool that organizes Scripture references for 42 different virtues that we, as parents, hope to instill in our children. If you have ever wanted to find a simple way to find the perfect scripture for your family discussions and virtue training, then the Virtue Training Bible might be exactly what you need.

What Is Included?


The Virtue Training Bible is a set of 5 cards that show how to mark and index a Bible such that it can be easily referenced for various virtues. The set of cards includes:

  • Instruction card – this explains how to properly index your Bible for each virtue. It includes supplies needed, procedure for using the scripture cards, and helpful tips.
  • Key card – this chart will be your reference sheet for all the virtues you mark throughout your Bible. The tabs for each virtue will line up with the virtue’s position on this card.
  • 3 color coded scripture cards. These cards list all of the scriptures for each virtue, and show the position in which the tabs that mark each virtue’s scripture should be placed.

How Does it Work?

In order to use the cards, you will need to purchase a 6×9 Bible, 2 sets if index tabs, and highlighters or colored pencils. (Suggestions can be found on the Virtue Training Bible website supply page HERE.) The key card, which serves as an index for all 42 virtues, is placed in the front of the Bible. The scripture cards list the 500+ virtue scriptures which are then underlined or highlighted in the color indicated. The page containing each scripture is then marked with a colored tab, which is placed in a specific position so that it aligns with the key. This makes it simple to find all of the scripture passages that pertain to each virtue, since all the tabs line up together in order to coordinate with the virtue’s position on the key card.

In addition to the virtues, one of the scripture cards contains verses to highlight concerning the Trinity, and are divided into Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These are grouped together in the yellow section on the top right side of the Bible, as shown below. The back of the scripture cards also contain prayers with scripture references to coordinate with each virtue. These are especially helpful for children, who sometimes might not know exactly how to pray for each virtue, and would benefit from these suggested prayers.


Our Opinion

We absolutely love the Virtue Training Bible. This system makes it so easy to find the scriptures we need for various uses, saving a lot of time normally spent in searching.  My children even enjoy using the VTB on their own when they have specific qualities that they are struggling with and need scripture references. Anything that sparks an interest in my children to search out the scriptures on their own is a winner in my book for sure! We have used the VTB for Bible study, scripture memorization, and as family discussion prompts. The VTB would also be a perfect addition to any other character training studies. I feel that the Virtue Training Bible is an invaluable tool and a wonderful blessing for all Christian families.

And Now… A Giveaway!!

Mindy, the owner of the Virtue Training Bible, is generously offering one set of these fantastic cards to my readers. Please click below for your chance to win!

Click HERE to enter the GIVEAWAY!

More Information

If you would like more information, or to purchase the system, please check out the tutorial video below, or visit the Virtue Training Bible website. You can also follow VTB on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.




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