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Moving Beyond The Page ~ Review


Moving Beyond the Page provides literature-based homeschool curriculum, on a vast number of topics, in the areas of language arts, social studies, and science. Their curriculum is broken down into a series of units, organized by age level, from ages 4-5 all the way up through ages 14-15. Their unit style works particularly well for gifted and hands-on learners. My family has recently had the opportunity to use a couple of the units from their 10-12 age group, the language arts unit, Albert Einstein, and the accompanying science unit, Force and Motion. Today, we are happy to share our experience and review.

About the Curriculum

The Moving Beyond the Page curriculum is broken down into concepts covered over the course of the year. Each of these concepts is further broken down into a series of smaller units. These units each cover one particular theme relating to the main concept. The concepts and units can be studied in any order, however, allowing a very personalized learning experience for each child. The units can each be used independently, though some (like those my family has chosen) have also been written to work in conjunction with each other.

Each unit includes a Note For Parents page, which describes the structure of the curriculum, explains each component of the lessons, and provides a sample week’s schedule. It goes even further to explain the structure of each lesson, and finally, an example of a typical day, and time allotments for unit activities.

Each lesson is then clearly laid out in the curriculum guides, with checklists to ensure you have everything you need, ideas to think about, and things to know before you get started. The lesson then begins with the reading passage and accompanying questions, a series of corresponding activities, and finally a “wrapping up” section for reinforcement or further study.

Albert Einstein

einsteinThis language arts unit is available in either printed ($48.93) or online ($44.87) form, which includes the curriculum and all additional required materials. For the purpose of this review, we were given the online version. The unit is broken down into 8 lessons, plus a final project. It is made to accompany the biography, Albert Einstein by Kathleen Krull.

The lessons not only help guide students through the book through the use of lesson review questions, but also provide opportunities for activities such as mapping of various countries in which Einstein lived and worked, constructing a timeline of his life, research of other notable scientists that influenced Einstein, and much more. In the final project, students will use all that they have learned in order to construct a biography scrapbook of Einstein’s life and work.

Also included with this unit is a Rummy Roots card game, which is written right into the activities section of the unit. This game teaches children ages 8 and up 42 different Greek and Latin roots, providing an excellent vocabulary builder. The curriculum also includes a vocabulary list, as well as weekly spelling lists to correlate with the unit, making this an all-inclusive language arts curriculum.


Force and Motion

Force_motion_graphicThis science unit is also available either in printed ($50.07) or online ($46.01) form, which includes the curriculum, accompanying book, and experiment kit. The unit’s 8 lessons and final project are made to accompany the book The Quest for Personal Best: Individual Sports by Lisa Greathouse. Through the study of various sports and the athletes that participate in them, students are introduced to several physics concepts. Some of the fascinating topics covered include gymnastics and balance, bicycles and friction, skateboarding and gravity, and more.

Like the literature unit, this curriculum provides a series of review questions related to the required reading book, but then goes further by providing a variety of hands-on activities for reinforcement. In this unit, that includes a number of worksheets (included within the unit) plus simple experiments, which use the items from the experiment kit. Because this unit covers force and motion, the experiments involve simple activities such as using a spring scale to measure mass, using marbles to demonstrate Newton’s Laws of Acceleration, or a ball drop experiment to illustrate directional changes. The curriculum provides all necessary instructions for conducting these experiments, as well as forms for students to record their data and conclusions.

This unit also includes a list of vocabulary words covered in the study, as well as a unit review sheet to ensure understanding of the unit’s key concepts.

How We Used it & Our Final Opinion

We decided to follow the units as suggested in each of the curriculum guides, and I must say, the suggested schedule was very helpful in implementing the studies. I was admittedly overwhelmed at first receiving the curriculum, but after reading the introduction notes and suggestions, it was very easy to get up and running. I was also a bit nervous at first about the amount of hands-on work, as my youngest can sometimes get sensory overload by too many activities. However, this curriculum was extremely well balanced, providing plenty of reading and written work in addition to the fun experiments and activities. The hands-on activities are long enough to enforce the concept, but short enough to keep students focused and on task. Follow-up report forms are also helpful in ensuring students understand the purpose of the experiments, and how to interpret their findings.

As the parent, I loved the fact that everything was either included with the kit, or involved simple, household items. For activities that involved outside sources, such as online articles, everything was provided right in the curriculum, which saved a lot of time searching for resources. Having everything all in one place made teaching a breeze. It made it so easy, in fact, that older students could even use this curriculum independently, with minimal parent assistance.

This curriculum makes learning even difficult concepts easy and fun. I would definitely recommend this not only to typical hands-on learners, but to all homeschoolers. With the wide variety of subjects available, parents are sure to find something that appeals to every child. And, with the clear explanations and easy to follow instructions for each unit, it really takes the stress out of lesson planning. My boys definitely enjoyed this curriculum and are asking for more units from Moving Beyond the Page!


For more information, please check out the Moving Beyond The Page website, or follow them on FacebookPlease also click below to read the other Crew reviews!

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Homeschool Encouragement Launch and Timberdoodle Giveaway!!

Homeschool Encouragement is celebrating its launch with an awesome Timberdoodle Giveaway. But before we get to the giveaway itself, I want to tell you about some of the great products offered by Homeschool Encouragement. Currently offered are a number of excellent ebooks, including:

  • Listening To Learn (discussing the benefits and ease of using audio recordings to aid learning)
  • Thanksgiving Copywork (Bible verses, available in both manuscript and cursive, ESV translation)
  • Christmas Copywork – (Bible verses in manuscript, ESV or KJV translation)
  • Celebrate Jesus: An Advent Resource for Families (ESV or KJV translation)

I’m sure these products would be a blessing to any family, especially during the (quickly) approaching holiday season.

As your holiday celebrations begin in earnest, how would you like to win $250 in gift certificates from Timberdoodle Co.? Our very own Bow of Bronze Launch Team has teamed up to bring you this very special giveaway to help celebrate the launch of Homeschool Encouragement.

Timberdoodle Co. has long been a standing favorite in the Homeschool community, and with good reason! You can surely finish your Christmas shopping through Timberdoodle with this prize money, or you could use it for much needed Homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool Encouragement Giveaway

This giveaway has not been sponsored by the Timberdoodle Co in any way – rather this lovely team of bloggers has come together and each contributed towards the prize. We are so pleased to have the support of our amazing readers, and this is one way we can bless you in return.

Amy at Homeschool Encouragement

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Why I Give – Review & Giveaway!

Today I would like to offer my review of 2 wonderful items for the upcoming holiday season.


The first is a book titled Why We Give at Christmas Time, by Corine Hyman, Ph.D. This is a book that I would consider appropriate for ages 4-8(ish). It is a book about a little girl, Evelyn, who, through the help of her little friends, talks about the different reasons for giving gifts, and how we can please the Lord by doing so. Each page also includes a Bible verse to support the page’s idea. Not only would this book be wonderful for parents of little ones, but would also make a great small group or Sunday School book, as I’m sure a group of children would love to discuss their own experiences of giving with others.


The second item, and real star of the show, is the book’s accompanying activity book, “Why I Give.” This activity book goes through each of the points in the book, and gives corresponding coloring pages, activities, puzzles, and journaling pages. I like this activity book very much because it is completely adaptable to a variety of ages. Very young children can stick to family activities and coloring pages, while older children can enjoy the puzzles and journaling pages. It includes cover pages as well, so each child can put together his/her own personal book on giving. Because of its variety of activities, I think this book could work for young children through upper elementary level. Even though it does correspond to the hardcover book, this activity book can certainly be used as a stand-alone very easily, and our family used it as such.

Both of these books can be purchased at the website here. The activity book is on sale now through Dec. 2, so hurry over and get your copy!

I am also very pleased to offer a giveaway for both a hard copy of the book, as well as a pdf copy of the activity book. Just click to complete the ENTRY FORM for your chance to win!


Apologia Zoology 3 – Chapter 9

Admittedly, we had fallen a bit behind in our zoology lately. The main reason for this was that the boys had been taking the class through a local co-op, but we had to move far enough away that continuing to attend the co-op proved impossible. We were all pretty bummed out about that, so we put the subject on the back burner for a while to take the sting of disappointment out of things.

This past week we jumped back in where we left off, which was chapter 9 (which means we’re not too far behind, hopefully.) We did not get the notebooking journals for this course, as I wasn’t sure that they were entirely necessary, so I searched around for some good notebooking pages to help us get back into the swing of it. I am a member of the yahoo group for Apologia elementary sciences, but I just couldn’t find something simple as far as note-taking / notebooking pages. I decided to make some simple pages for the boys to take notes, and also included some boxes for them to draw their favorites from the various animal families.

IMG_3180 IMG_3178

Then, from the yahoo group. I found a file containing little pictures of the “map it” animals, which we then cut out and glued onto our continent maps that we printed from Wondermaps.

IMG_3185 IMG_3184

With the activities, I think the boys enjoyed getting back into the groove of science. We all really math and science nerds anyway, but these little activities make the subject even more fun. 🙂

Helpful Links:

Yahoo Group for Apologia Sciences

Map It Animals

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